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Does HCG Cause Hair Loss?

Many concerns can be found when talking about the HCG Diet. Many people worry about the low calorie diet, while others worry about the HCG hormone that is injected into the body or taken by mouth. However, one common concern that most people will run across while searching the HCG diet online is that the diet will cause hair loss. Most people are stating that this is a side-effect of the HCG hormone, and because of this, those who would greatly benefit from the use of the HCG diet are afraid to even try it. Understandable, since no one wants to become bald in order to lose weight. However, people need to know the facts.

First off, the HCG Hormone does not cause hair loss. However, many people who are on the HCG diet may report that they are losing hair and the reason can be ranging from stress or it could just be coincidence that the person starts losing hair while on the diet, and probably would have in any case. For those that do start the HCG Diet and start to notice some hair loss, this could be due to the diet that they are on. The 500 calorie diet does deplete some of the vitamins in the body, including Vitamin B7 and iron. Both of which when the person starts to lose can lead to hair loss.

So how can the person counteract this? First off, they should make sure that they are not low on iron as this can lead to many other serious problems. The doctor should check for this, if they are it just means that they are going to have to take an iron supplement in order to increase the iron in their body. However, if it not low amounts of iron, then the person can take B7, which is directly linked to the health of the hair. In fact, those that are on the HCG diet should look into taking a good multivitamin in order to keep the vitamins in the body at the right amounts.

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